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Perfectly Finished Products In & Around Macclesfield, Cheshire 

When your furniture starts to look tired or scratched, our professional craftsmen bring your pieces back to life. At JD Worrall (Conservation), in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we offer a full finishing service, including Traditional French polishing with shellac, and Modern polishing using various lacquers. We also can create oil finishes, wax finishes and painted finishes. When your items need more than just to be revived, we also offer complete repairs.

Walnut Veneered Baby Grand Piano

Enhance Your Furniture

Bring out the beauty of your furniture with our careful attention. Save yourself the burden of having to buy a new replacement by using our skilled craftsmen to restore and revive your furniture. We employ traditional and modern techniques that give us the ability to restore your items for another 50+ years of life by using the correct, appropriate techniques and materials to create the perfect finish for each individual item. We offer traditional French polishing, wax, and oil finishes, as well as modern lacquer finishes.

Utilising Skilled Crafts

French polishing is a highly skilled craft that requires many years of training and experience to perfect. At JD Worrall (Conservation), our team work tirelessly to offer a professional and bespoke service. The process includes cleaning, preparing, and staining, followed by the applications of shellac, lacquer, varnish, oils and/or waxes. Our craftsmen are incredibly committed to delivering the best possible results and give your products the correct finish and sheen that they require.

A Service to Trust

In previous jobs we have been commissioned to conserve an early 17th century oak drop-leaf table to a 21st century display cabinet. Our devoted team apply the same care and attention to every piece entrusted to us, irrespective of it’s age and value. We undertake commissions for collectors, private individuals, and institutions as well as trade and commercial contracts.

Tailoring Our Service

Our skilled conservators/restorers tackle a wide array of objects and jobs. There are no limits in terms of furniture that we are able to offer and each and every commission has an individual, bespoke plan of restoration created for it. Providing you're within our local area of operation, we are able to travel to your property and discuss your furniture with you. Amongst other things we carry out our work on:

  • All types of furniture
  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Vintage car dashboards
  • Staircases
  • Wood Panels
Willow Dresser

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